Who is Flavio?

Founder and Director/Content Creator

Coming from a long career in advertising and documentary production, Flavio Langoni started as a filmmaker in 2009, as Director and Content Creator and hasn’t stopped ever since.

Specialized in web productions, mostly of Scifi and Fantasy, he founded, with producer Livia Pinaud, the Production Company Kilmerson Dreams.

With international awards for Best Director and Creator and his focus on the internet, Flavio created and directed the award-winning webseries Wave Zero, Nomad 7 (available on Amazon Prime – Brazil) and OTHERSIDE, the latter held exclusively in Nova Friburgo (Rio de Janeiro).

Who is Livia?

Founder and Producer

With a Bachelor Degree in Art Production from Universidade Federal Fluminense, she has been working in filmmaking since 2011. She joined forces with Creator and Director Flavio Langoni in 2012 to produce the series Nomad 7.

For this project, she was awarded for Best Production. Alongside Flavio Langoni, she founded Kilmerson Dreams, a production company focused on filmmaking projects in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Who is Paulinho?

mascot and spokesperson

Paulinho (little Paul) arrived on planet Earth in 2020 and, luckily for us, fell right into our window here at Kilmerson Dreams! It didn’t take long and this friendly ET won our hearts and also his place here at KD! Since then, Paulinho has been the company’s official mascot and also our very own “spokesalien” on social media!

How did KD come about?

Kilmerson Dreams was founded in 2019 in Nova Friburgo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with the intention of formalizing our desire to show the world that it is possible to produce from countryside cities and have your work seen and recognized around the world!

Our mission is to bring fantasy to people’s lives and, at the same time, contribute to the growth of filmmakers and producers and to the creation of filmmaking centers spread across the country!

Our Projects

Sci-fi, Action, Drama
Sci-fi, Action, Drama
Sci-fi, Action, Drama
Sci-fi, Action, Drama
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